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Huge Thanks to the Team at TPS


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I Wanna give a huge thanks to the Team at TPS, Jason, Vince, an Mike. so on 7-7-2010 i took my 2008 Shelby GT500 into TPS to get my FRPP Shorty headers(smog legal) installed. an pick up a Baer rear brake upgrade kit with some new hawk pads.


So i met Jason, which was he was vey nice an set me all up. then i met Vince which was the guy that was going to be working on my car. vince is very knowlegable an has be working on mustangs for years and is very experinced. so i left the car there an had my friend 67badboy come pick me up in is 67 stang to help him work on his car while my car was being worked on. Well TPS ran into a few problems while working on my car. they droped my Kmemeber to make it easier to do the header install. when they went to take off one of my LCA bolts it would not come off. come to find out it was stripped.




i Had ford do a TSB for the LCA an i even gave Ford all the Part numbers for all the bolts that had to be replaced. well i guess Ford did not install the bolt an nut correctly an stripped it. the worst part about it is that i took it on thunderhill like that an did not even know. Vince an Jason told me that none of the Fords in the Area had that bolt an nut in stock. it would be able to get to the shop the next day. well i told them they could put it all together an send me the bolt an i would fix it at home because i had no ride back to Fairfield so i had to take my car home. so Jason said he would figure something out an call me back.


Well Jason Called me back an they ran into another problem. the header on the driver side was touching the colant crossover tube, an they had to modify the bracket to work.



Jason Told me there no way the car would be done that day. Well i got really lucky. this is what makes TPS customer serice top notch. Mike Mak loaned me her personal supercharged mustang GT. so i could go home. While i was there i talk to vince while he was still working on my headers he was very nice an showed me exactly what he had to do to modify to make the headers clear. he told me what a PITA is was and got all cut up. but not once did he take a short cut to get the job done an get it done right. the 1st time. also Vince is a big mustang Fan so you know he will take great care of your car. Thanks TPS.


So 7-08-2010 TPS gets the new bolt in an is able to put the car back together and align it aswell as installing the Baer rear brake upgrade kit and new pads. so i get a call later in the afternoon from jason saying my car was ready. so i head up to TPS to come get my car. well comming from fairfield to San jose area during commute time sucks big time. it took me almost 3hrs to get there. Jason was super awsome TPS closes at 6p an since it was such bad traffic i didnt get there till around 7p an he stayed there a waited for me to be able to get there. so i could drop off mikes car an pick up mine. even thoe jason was suppose to be off work an hour ago. he was really nice an made sure that i got all my stock parts back. That Really is Top Notch Service.


here are the parts installed. they did a great job. both in Work quality and Service.










Once again a Huge thanks to TPS. Great quality work an service. i would recommend to any of my friends.

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Murphy's Law.


So do you "see" a power difference with the headers?

How about braking? Has it improved?


Good to hear they took care of you. They sound Top Notch!



really i dont notice any power difference, just a tad different tone. but feel smoother 3k an above. the brakes feel good. the funny part about the brakes is the bigger rotor felt lighter when compared to the stock smaller rotor

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Gotta love the FRPP shorty fitment, I told them about that over 2 years ago, I see nothing was ever done.



i wish i would of known that. i did read one thread that was from last year on another site. about someone having a simular problem. but did not find that out till after i found the problem on mine. im glad there was a work around

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