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2010 Dodge Challenger Mopar '10 edition

Son of GT

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An SVT type package for the Challengers? Special colors, decals, CAI, hood vent, suspension mods, and extra collector doo dads for the 500 people (suckers?) that buy these cars...




Just thought that some here might be interested in reading about this latest varant of the Challenger that was revealed today.


Posers just trying to keep up the lead dog (Ford).


Just my personal opinion of course.

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The 2011's will be even more potent than the 2010's. The big gun (SRT) will have the horsepower increased from 425 hp to 475 - 500 hp.


The 15 hp increase for this 2010 special edition Challenger does remind me of what was done to the SGT though. LOL


Can't blame Chrysler for trying - they are in business to sell as many cars as possible ! :hysterical:

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The horsepower bump and all is nice (it needs it to carry the weight), but a 3:06 axle ratio? :headscratch: Isn't that going backwards?

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