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Ordered the Hellion TT Hellraiser gt500 kit today wish me luck


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So after much reading and researching i figured it's now or never on this kit. I have had 2 other hellion turbo kits and this one seems to be the beast of all power adders. I'll try and do a nice writeup after the install and dyno tune is done. I don't have access to a lift so i'm paying someone to install the kit locally in las vegas. Comparing hp vs $ after much researching this seems to be the best bang and potential for the buck. Plus the thing for me is to be different, eveyone and their brother has a TVS, whipple, kenne bell, power pack etc.... so I decided to be different again and not follow the leader. I'll post some pics, and a few videos before vs after on this build. My expectations are 650-750 rwhp will a bone stock car. Then when i get bored with that i'll address a few fuel and cooling issues and try to shoot for 900rwhp. I spoke to John urist today, for about 30 minutes the owner of Hellion, he addressed all my concerns and put me at ease(mostly the ability to pass emissions here in Las vegas by adding 2 high flow bassani cats). The kit is 100% bolt on with no modifications to the vehicle so the car can be put back to stock 100%.

Those who do not know about the kit here it is twin turbos feeding into the stock supercharger, Yes a total of 3 combined power adders.




Wish me Luck on this thing !

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As far as the suspension goes I'm going to have to address it at some point but since i'm fresh out of cash right now that will have to wait. The car is NOT going to be a street racer or strip rocket. Just something to drive around town take to local shows and when the time needs burn my tires into this air on demand. I',m a sucker for the turbo sound, so twins and the blower is going to give me a boner everytime I drive the car....... exactly why I bought the car and this kit.

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