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2010 clutch kit warranty question

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Hi all, I have tried to find this answer but can not.


I called my dealer to ask them to install the Ford Racing stainles steel braided clutch fluid line and they told me not to bother since the factory one was just replaced as part of the 2010 kit under warranty.


I told them I did not think that was part of the kit, does anyone know for sure whether the factory clutch fluid line gets replaced with the 2010 tsb clutch kit?


This line connects the resevour to the outside of the bellhousing. There is a small clutch line that connects to the slave cylinder itself and then exists in a small hole in the bellhousing to the cluth fluid line which my dealer is explaining to me that this was also replaced under warranty.


I can not seem to confirm whether this is true or not, I was under the impression this long connecting line was still the original, hence why I wanted it replaced with the stronger Ford Racing unit.


thanks in advance

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I was looking at the parts for mine yesterday and the long line was also

with the replacement parts.................



Thanks a lot.


Do you have a pic of it? How stout did it look? Was it wrapped in tin foil?


Now knowing that my factory line was most likely replaced, I am trying to decide if the stainless line will be worth installing. My dealer says, no.

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Sorry no pics but it did have a short foil section and I believe the part# is

AR3Z-7A512-A from the TSB 10-3-8.............


The Tech on my car said he's not sure why it gets replaced.........Says it is the same

as the old line...................

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