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Happy 4th of July


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Happy 4th of July to Every TS Member,


I was selected to be in the 41st Tustin Meadows 4th of July Parade. This year I had Miss Tustin in my stang. In the past years I have had the Mayor of Tustin, the Chief of Police, the Planning Commissioner, and the Man & Women of the Year.

Before the parade at my home...




Before the parade at the clubhouse...





and during the parade...




Photo Slide...





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Tell me about the seat thingy that you have going across the back. I was asked one time to do a parade and decided against it because I didn't want anyone sitting on the back.


It is quite simple...


1. 2" X 6" X 66" Wood

2. Black "Fake Leather"

3. 4" Dense Foam


I purchsed a fabric stapler. After I cut the 2 x 6, I layed out the Black fake Leather on the floor. Then placed the foam in the center and then placed the wood on top of the foam. Moved the Balck Fake Leather to the bottom of the board and started to staple. Once I had the one long side done, I stapled the two ends. The last long side I stapled it with about an extra 4". The extra 4" I rolled it over the area that was already stapled. I then only stapled the last 4" on each under the extra material. The rest of the material I stapled directly on top. Withe the ends not having the staples showing, they would not scratch the stang.


Hope you will also be doing some parades in the near future...



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