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Can I still get an original window sticker?

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Your dealer can order a replacement. You can also download a PDF of it and print it yourself.


When I get home I will post the URL unless someone else does before then.


Here is the URL just use your VIN in place of mine:



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Can I get an original at any Ford dealer or will i have to go where the car was purchased? The reason I ask is that the car was purchased out of town.


Furthormore, when I typed in the vin in the url, it gave me the window sticker but does not mention the car being shipped to Las Vegas, like in the original. I have the original sticker, but its in bad shape.


thank you



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I've been told any dealer but never tried it myself. Sorry! You are correct on the URL sticker. It's just a computer generated copy that doesn't contain any information that could be considered privacy etc. There are other threads on this where people have posted they had good luck getting them from their dealer but again I can't remember if anyone said it had to be the selling dealer. Maybe MM knows or you could drop him a note.


Good luck!

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I've always been told that it has to be the selling dealer that can order a replacement, probably to reduce any funny business from going on. But with that said I know of some dealership personel that have gotten replacement window stickers for cars they didn't sell. Did these other dealers have connections, I don't know but I would start with your selling dealer as I can't imagine another dealership being that interested in assisting you when they made no money off the sale.



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