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It was Dubbs Faris' Birthday yesterday!

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Wow! Thanks everyone!!! I had a terrific B-Day! I was hoping for a GT350 for it, but I guess that will just have to be my late present! :hysterical:


I got to have a date with my wife at an awesome steakhouse, a party at a bar with karaoke and eye candy galore, a full weekend with my kids and a great day BBQ and awesome fireworks courtesy of a stop I made in Oklahoma a couple weeks ago coming home from Tulsa! It was awesome and completely illegal!!! What a great way to thumb my nose at a ridiculous law!!!


And did I mention warm fuzzies from all the well wishes from all my Shelby frineds and family?! You guys and gals are the best! :happy feet: :salute:

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Happy belated b-day Warren. I am glad that I caught your b-day post. Nice job B. Girl for catching Warren's Special day. I hope it was great for you all.




P.s. glad to hear that the trailer worked great for you a Mid America. I am still waiting for my new custom enclosed trailer to get finished , but it is going to be sweet with sleeping accomodatioons AC/Heat and Direct Tv Sat. Sound System with a solid roof package for tailgating and slide-out living room.

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