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They SOO had me going!!!! LOL

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News is a little slow around here, so I figure I would share an experience many of you would appreciate, especially Roger!


So, last month I took the family to Tulsa for MidAmerica, and a bunch of us that have become pretty tight (to put it mildly) got together for a pre-party at a house of one of our group.


After a 10 hour drive, Im handed a drink and given some food, and I think they must have given me about 14 seconds to relax and kick back when it all starts-


(now, keep in mind that out of our little group of hooligans, about 5 of us have ordered the GT350, and just by dumb luck, my car is the only one at Shelby at that moment)


They all tell me that they have cancelled their cars, because they talked to Roger, and he is allowing them to go with any color, and they are getting the "R" model (which doesnt exist mind you, but has been a loose rumor we have heard about),


BUT, since my car is already there, it is too far in the build process to make any changes, and Im gonna be the only one out of the group that cant get it. Now, I don't know why this got under my skin, I mean, white is the color I want for this particular car anyway, and why couldn't I have it upgraded to an 'R' if that was suddenly going to be an option? But a few drinks, and everyone jumping on the pile, and I guess the fact that all of them knew something I hadn't even got a hint of just made me steam! :angry22:


The short of it is, they were gonna keep this running joke all weekend, but then my brother starts getting pissed and says, "Hey, you got Roger's number, right?" :nod: "Why don't you just call him?"


Keep in mind, it's like 10:30pm, and we have been drinking a tad at this point.


Now, Roger, my friend, I don't think I would have actually called you that late, but I won't say I didn't really really want to! :banghead:


At this point, the gang doesn't want to get Roger thinking Im crazy, or mad, so they all bust out laughing and let me in on it, to wish I finally got to laugh and enjoy it myself. If they had let me ride all weekend thinking that, and thought ahead and got Roger in on it, I would have been one miserable puppy all weekend thinking I was the red-headed stepchild. :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:


Got me! What can I say? I am still hearing apologies, but I gotta admit...it was damn funny! :hysterical3:

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And while we were playing this joke on Warren, it was taking 6 of us to install a heat exchanger on a GT500...that ended up taking 6 hours to install. I blame the booze that started flowing before even putting the car on the lift. Still, a good time was had by all...except the frustration levels of Warren and Stuart.

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