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My 2011 Base Coupe


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Congrats on your GT500, I must say the Race Red with black stripes combo is pretty awesome. How many miles you have on her now since Monday? 1K? :shift:




I wish I hade 1k on her. I hope to have it broken in by next week.


The best part so far was the first time I drove it, I pulled up to a traffic light with a Cobalt next to me. Light goes green and the Cobalt jumps out infront, so I step on it a little and he keeps pulling. What the heck? So I get to the next light, same thing Cobalt is next to me, I take off the same way and this time I hear this new noise from under the hood and I am GONE. When that blower comes on the first time its makes the wait all worth it. The owners manual say 5 miles but it seemed to take a few more than that.

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Well after a longe wait from my initial order, I finally picked up my Shelby on Monday.





That's a 2011???


I thought the 11's had a single stripe down the side/rocker, not the double stripe like the 2010's have (and your photo has).


Maybe that's just for the SVT Perf. Package? Because I *know* they have the single rocker stripe (see the photo of the red '11 SVT PP posted just above).


EDIT: I just saw the photo's of a 2011 'Vert being unloaded and it has the double side/rocker stripes too so obviously, the single stripe is only on the SVT PP cars. DARN, I fhought that would be a good way to ID one on the road. Oh well......



Nice lookin' car, either way! I personally LIKE the stripes on a GT500. I think the stripe delete cars just look too much like a regular ole' Mustang with a hood vent on it.




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