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Shelby Registry Vehicle Authenticity Certificate

$6 delivered or $160 with Carroll's Signature?  

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  1. 1. Will having Carroll's signature on a Shelby Registry Vehicle Authenticity Certificate add more value to my car than the $160 fee; where the Registrar & VP has already signed it?

    • Yes
    • No

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Just a reminder that what you call a fee is actually a donation to the Carroll Shelby Foundation and can be used as a tax deductible charity donation. Shelby American nor the Shelby Store takes any money from this donation, 100% of it goes to the foundation. You can learn more about the Carroll Shelby Foundation at www.cscf.org



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I know having Carroll sign the car or at least the airbag cover adds value to your car, but a Certificate of Authenticity?


I prefer (and have) his signature on my original window sticker. Only time will tell as far as value.

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I ordered my Certificate last night, for the $5.99 shipping. I was going to add some $6 key covers to it, but then the shipping price went to :hysterical3: $15!!! That's nuts. Sale lost.

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Is Carrolls signature printed on or is it actually signed on the 2010 SVT certificate?


Upon Closer inspection you might be correct in thinking it is printed, hard to tell, would have to see two certificates next to eachother. ButI would bet 99% that its printed. The only reason his signature is worth anything to me though is cause all the profits go for charity, so that right there makes it worth something.

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My Shelby GT Certificate is on its way to me as of yesterday. I don't really see a need for more proof of ownership or what I have, but since the thing was free (+ shipping) its kind of hard to pass up, and anyway its something I can copy and take to the shows.

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