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Shelby GT500 Tires.

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Hello Bear with me as I am in the UK and its not as easy as calling up tyre rack.


I need a set of rear tyrs in the 285, 40, ZR18, currently it has the factory supplied Goodyear F1 tyres. I bought the car with 5k miles and they are about shot. Is this fairly normal for wear.on these tyres? I don't know how the previous guy drove but I suspect it was not very harsh, call me a fool but I just don't think he was.


I find that on tyre rack they have 2 exactly the same tyres listed. Same size, Same name and one is approx 160 a tyre and the other listed as for the GT500 is 410 a tyre? I see a small difference in one of the codes for this tyre. Both are ZR. Any ideas of why this is so? They are both the same weight rating as well.


I find they have a ton of road noise as well.


Any recommendations would be most welcome for other tyres folks have used.


Regards: Peter


As a sidenote. I know the car does not come with a jack, I'd like to purchase one nonetheless. I have seen the post by Grabber about jacks, Does the standard GT jack fit with the shelby bits on the car? I believe he posted that it does.


Many thanks, Peter

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Hi Peter.


You can use any Mustang jack that's for the '05-'09 cars, and possibly the newer ones as well. As for the tires (tyres), one is the regular GoodYear F1 tire, and the other more expensive one, is probably the KR version of it. The KR version has a softer, stickier compound, different logo (I believe the old wingfoot), and costs a bunch more. I think the KR tires stick pretty well, but I don't expect them to last very long... Only 2500 miles on mine, so far. :)

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Many thanks for your reply, I think I missed where it said GT500KR (wishful thinking on my part) 2500 miles!!! sounds like the tyres on the NSX when it came out, lasted about 1500 miles and folks were suing honda.


MIne have 5k miles and are about shot.


I am in the UK so have to look at what is available. I did consider shipping some over and still might,


cheers once again. Peter

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