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Shelby Extreme Duty Cooling Radiator?


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Looks like this currently right? Or similar?




I run the crap out of my V6 and still have the stock radiator. What I did was move the battery to the trunk and did the battery replacement tank. Works great. Cheaper than upgrading the radiator and about as time consuming. I haven't had the front end off my Terlingua recently, so I can not remember what the hose configuration or the brackets.



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Anyone know if the Shelby Extreme Duty Cooling Radiator will work with a 2005 V6 Mustang? To me it would seem as an overkill but hey better to overkill then undershot.



You'd have to go with a 4.6 radiator and not the 5.4.


And they are 15% off in the Shelby Store with the Shelby Store 4th of July Sale.

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