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Maximum Rev. Limiter Settings

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In the topic "OK, I've Had Enough" the topic has been about rev. limiters being to conservative. I want to know how much anyone has been willing to bump up the limiter as they program their cars. Mine is only 200 higher than factory. So, the question is how much is too much?


Please if you have the time:

1) enter maximum RPM setting

2) are you are still on your first motor

3) how long you have run it this high of RPM

4) Make/Model/Motor (Since multiple people cross forum lines, like I just did, this will let us know what we are comparing).

5) Internal motor parts stock?



1) 6200 RPM

2) Yes

3) 12,500 mi

4) 2006 Mustang GT 4.6

5) Yes



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