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Hertz hood windshield washer jets/nozzles...


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painting my car, i need the squirters,( for the hood) went to ford they are not the same as what on the hertz car, where can i get new ones?? thanks



I attempted to buy the nozzles from SAI but didn't have any luck. Advance / Discount Auto Stores have a replacement nozzle kit that works perfectly on the Hertz hood, they are a little shiney, require a slight enlargement of the underside hood hole to install (underside hole has to be large enough to accept a socket to screw tighten the retaining nut), but are otherwise exact as originals. Price was $17 and you get new plastic "t's, hose etc. I enlarged the hole under the hood with a dremel, very easy, then the insulation mat covers the hole. Good thing about these nozzles are that if you ever have to remove them, no problem, just unscrew, unlike the nasty little retaining clips used at SAI.

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Another part to add to the "No Longer Available" list. I would think offering these replacement parts would be worthwhile for Shelby, but I guess not. If they are not going to sell certain parts, it would be nice if they told us what they were and where they got them from.

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