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Starting new GT500 club


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Hey, Everyone , I wanted to add my 2 cents in on this! I recenlty took my car to the goodguys car show in pleasaton. I could not beleive the response I got on my car. All day none stop talking and people taking pictures of the car! I even had people wishing they could get one! To me I feel very lucky to be a part of the GT500 Group. I know I only have a 2008 that I bought practically brand new in almost 2009 off a show room floor! I also jut start driving her to work deciding why save this car and enjoy it. People give thumbs up and even just want to talk about it having me role my window down. So my point being if they are not a piece of american history in the mustang era in the s197 line. Then hate to tell you they all will be worth something after about 25 to 30 years!


Also i have just bought GT500CLUB.COM GT500CLUB.NET & GT500CLUB.ORG as in the coming year will be launching a Club website for everyone to network and join the largest 2007 to 20?? club website. The first chapter will be started in the San francisco bay area~~~


thank you everyone!!!


thoses interested please PM me on here, will be starting an adult club , no kiddy racing, just meetups, lunch,shows, traveling, you name it and good car talk and more!!!! :shift:



coming website sometime 2011 :superhero:

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I like the idea. But do I really need to goto another car forum....I already check out 4-5 different forums a day....


Lets see








Nloc.net (I will own another Lightning down the road)


Sandhills mustang CLub forums even though I am not a member I do try to keep up with it.

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