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2010 Barrett_Jackson At OC Fair


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I am a little late on the Barrett-Jackson Cruise that was held last Saturday. The photos are in the link. I had the pleasure of seeing Larry (turnsignaldelete) and his son, John there.


Today was the opening day for the Barrett-Jackson Auction. I meet Jimd and Donna (Redtail) and Mike (Mikesdream) at Starbucks at 8:00am. We headed ove to the OC Fair and were inside by 8:45am. There are some beautiful cars there.


I did the dyno run and was still on the board before I left. I used the name Fontech, which there are photos of it. Larry (turnsignaldelete) to my surprise was on the board with a very nice 0.079 reaction. Jim, Donna and I went to the Ford Driving area and left some rubber on the ground during our fun time.


I met up with Larry a lttle later at the Shelby trailer. Gary Patterson, Jenni Shreeves and Jerome Ito were at the Shelby booth. Did a little tallking with them all.


I was ready to leave at 3:00pm, when I noticed Charlie Mares (MyPeke) and Mike (McGuirk) talking in a Ford Flex. Tom from the San Jose area also was part of the TS Crew. We all headed over to West Coast Custom to see Amy Boylan. We talked for awhile and all of us were of to the auction.


I left at 7:00pm to clean the stang for a meet at Car and Coffee in Irvine in the morning. If you are in the area, come by...


2010 Barrett-Jackson Photo Link



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Good seeing you Tom, (with our impromptu TS meeting in the Flex) bumped into Larry, chatted with the good folks at SA, Gary, Jenni, Jerome, and also with Amy for a time.


Nice day, perfect temps, and some fun cars to look at...


Day two starts now!

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