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Change Factory LED's in Dash

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Continuing my "blue pony" theme I've changed the factory LED's in the center radio stack and steering wheel. Very cool night time look when matched with the "my color" blue gauges.


Link to my blue ambient lighting system Ambient Lighting for Footwell


Link to instructions for changing LED's Changing Factory LED's. Pictures are included.


I think these instructions are for 05-06 models because the climate control PCB is different in my 07SGT. My board is not L shaped and the board required 25 LED's instead of the 15 mentioned in the instructions. Fortunately, I have an aftermarket Pioneer nav radio; therefore, I could ignore the radio section.


The surface mount LED's are very small and difficult to work with at first. A good pair of tweezers and a digital solder station are very helpful (practice and patience don't hurt either). It took fairly high heat (425C) to loosen the existing LED's, lower heat to mount the new ones. After testing various brightness LED's I settled on these Blue LED from Digikey. The are 100 millicandle brightness which I think are perfect. The instructions mention 800mcd. Those would be far too bright for my taste.


For saftey--and practice--I purchased an extra radio bezel panel off ebay from greenleafprime salvage. $50 bucks. It also allows me to keep the original panel with green LED's for switch back to factory. Or I may just sell it.


I had already switched my base steering wheel to the Bullitt stitched wheel. Therefore, I had extra cruise control button assemblies. The most difficult part of the steering wheel was removal/reinstallation of the assemblies without marring the leather. Surprisingly they popped out/popped in with no harm, despite using more force then I cared to. Note: Removal of the airbag is required to access the buttom assemblies, at least on stitched wheels. The standard IUP wheel may not require airbag removal, as seen in the instructions.


The door lock and window switches are next. It's just getting too hot here in Florida to spend hours in the garage. I may wait until fall. Also, the headlight switch uses an unusual incandescent bulb housing behind a green tinted face. It will take a bit of mounting creativity using a yellow LED to get the proper blue effect. More to think about...


Let me know if any questions. Happy motoring!

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It's just getting too hot here in Florida to spend hours in the garage. I may wait until fall.



Yep, you can say that again! It's HOT: 95 degrees, and with the humidity heat index = 105!


To quote Matthew Broderick in Biloxi Blues: "It's Africa hot! Tarzan couldn't take this heat!"



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