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Non-responsive throttle


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My neighbor's 7-year old son is apparently a diehard Mustang fan. This afternoon he got the courage to come over and ask me if he could look at my car. I installed him in the drivers seat, where his verdict was: "COOL"! He said his favorite color Mustang is white (mine is black) so I'll have to do some indoctrination work on him, to get him over to the dark side....


His Dad came over, so I offered to take the two of them for a ride. Pulled across the street into his driveway and shut the car off. He installed his son's booster seat in the back and the young lad had the honor of being the first person ever to ride in the back seat!


I'd just gotten back from a cruise so the engine was at opearting temp, though it was in the 90's today. It was shut off for about 5 mins during the booster seat install and getting everyone buckled up. Car started right up and I put it in reverse to back out of the driveway. I applied the throttle and started to let the clutch out and the car felt like it was going to stall. I put the clutch back in and made sure I was in reverse before trying it again, same result, with a near stall.


I put the car in neutral, applied the parking brake and let the clutch out. I pushed/released on the throttle several times and the car would go from idle (~900 rpm) to about 1500 rpm and would go no further, despite my putting the pedal to the floor. I pressed/released the gas pedal two or three more times with the same result, and then it started working normally again. I took them out for a cruise, car functioned flawlessly.


So has anyone ever had this happen? Glad it happened in a driveway and not out on the road where it could have had consequences. I'm going to call the dealer on Monday and find out if I should bring it in. I don't want to get caught making a left turn across traffic, have the throttle crap out and leave me hanging out to dry.



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