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First Time at the Track in the Shelby...Is this a bad time?


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Like the title says, this was my first time at the track in my Shelby. I've been drag racing for over 10 years now, but I didn't know what to expect with a stock 2010 GT500. The car has 940 miles on it. I was running on the stock tires with traction control on, temps were in the mid to low 90's, humidity was around 60%. All runs were made at Atlanta dragway.


1st Pass 2nd Pass 3rd Pass

60' 1.974 2.226 2.118

330 5.464 5.710 5.637

1/8 8.296 8.534 8.490

mph 88.07 87.50 86.33

1000 10.703 10.929 10.918

1/4 12.750 12.973 12.976

mph 109.92 110.16 108.67


Obviously the first pass I made was the best of the evening. I was surprised at the 60' time since I was on street tires. As the night progressed, the times got worse. It was extremely hot and humid. The biggest thing that I noticed was that the mph seemed very low to me. I was expecting the car to run 114-116. I also noticed that in 4th gear the boost seemed to fluxuate a bit going from 7lbs to 4lbs then back to 7lbs, belt slip maybe? Or was that the computer pulling power?


Any input is appreciated.

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I got similar times out of my 2010. 12.852 @ 110.59 mph. 60' time was 2.124. This was the first and only pass because of rain. Stock 2010 at 600 miles on stock rubber at stock tire pressure with traction control on and pretty lame launch. Not a regular track guy either. I think now after 1000 miles seems to have more boost in 1st gear and would expect maybe better after a little practice.

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times aren't bad, but your trap speeds are really low. You need to turn that traction control off and get a real feel for "driving" the car. My first time out, I took 3 runs and the first two looked similar to yours in terms of ET, but my trap speed was 117 MPH. These cars wheel hop so bad on the launch and shifts that the traction control is probably engauging almost the entire run. 60' times are very tough to get down under 2.0 with stock tires and suspension, but I think with some practice and a icey nerve to drive through the hop, a 1.9 is definately possible with a little bit of seat time.


"Hot and Humid" is another problem. These cars are not big fans of weather like that and the ECU will pull all sorts of timing when the IAT's get high, which won't take long in that kind of atmosphere. I just ordered a Revan Racing H/E for that very reason. My best time was a 12.46 @ 117 and that came after about an hour of cool down time. The temps were still in the 80's, but the cool down helped a lot. The fans on the Revan Racing HE should make cool down times a lot shorter and more efficient.

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My first time out was a 12.79 @ 114, with a 2.2 60'. The times got worse as the night went on. I was never able to let it cool for more than about 20-30 minutes, except one time. I gave it a good long 1 hour cooldown. It was really coming out of the hole with a 2.07 60'. Then the TR6060 struck again and wouldn't go into 2nd gear. So the run was shot. ARGH!


It just takes seat time. Get some miles on the car, give it a good cool down and let'er rip.

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