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Is it a full moon?

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So I was casually driving on the highway in the center lane and the very sparse traffic was traveling around 60 in a 65mph. So as I approached the car ahead in the center lane I decided to pass in the left lane. There was a guy driving a black Mustang Cobra who decided that he wasn't going to let me pass because as I started to accelerate to make the pass he was mirroring me to cut me off. Anyhow I fell back in the center lane and he did the same in the left apparently wanting to test his car and I obliged. Needless to say I passed him and was ahead of him by 1/4 mile by the time I got midway through 5th gear. I have to say I really trashed this guy because he pissed me off. I normally take it easy with fellow Ford guys but this guy was not cool at all so I really let it fly and he got to see why the KR is the "KR". The guy caught up after I was satisfied with my kill and gave me the thumbs up like a good sport.


No sooner do I get done with that scene, I take the exit ramp to turn around on the highway and an older, maybe 2000-2004 Corvette pulls up very fast right on my ass on the highway entrance ramp. I mean REAL close and revving the engine. So I realize I'm up again. So as soon as I start the merge and check to make sure everything is safe I gunned it in 3rd and the guy was surprisingly very close still. 4th was the same for a few moments and then I started to pull away and then by 5th it was finished, he was not even close anymore. Now remember I had no interest in this but I felt obligated in both instances because these guys were both acting like idiots. Anyway I did the same routine and pulled into the center lane after soundly crushing this guy and instead of being a sport he floored it past me and gave me the finger. To which I just laughed. "He" aggressively challenged me to the point of almost hitting my car, I spanked him in front of his girl and then he acts like the tough guy again and flips me off. I couldn't stop laughing.


Anyway guys please no preaching. I know the street deal isn't safe and I should save it for the track and all that, but sometimes you have to let the car live up to it's hype and show others just how special they are. Lord knows both of those guys won't forget NOT to do that to the next KR they see. I don't go searching for street races and in the year I've had my KR this has happened less than 5 times. Just wanted to post a couple more KR victories to add to the groups kill list, and refresh the feeling of just how great the KR's truly are!!




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Good story. I'm glad you were laughing when the vette flipped you off. It probably just made him even more p'od.





I agree with you, I'm certain he was more upset that I was laughing at him. Especially since his girl was laughing as well! Besides I was really only out for my normal afternoon drive which is my "happy time" so I was in a great mood to begin with. That is the best thing about being a Shelby owner and even more so a KR owner. No matter what is going on in my day a simple 10 minute drive in that car always changes my mood back to a positive one.


I'm sure I said this before, but a year into ownership it still amazes me to see the reactions from just sooo many people. Young, old, white collar, blue collar, men and women...all seem to love that car. I am by no means wealthy but I do live in a very affluent town and nice cars are a norm. I can't tell you how often I see Bentley's, Maserati's, Ferrari's and Porsches during any given day. That being said those very same people driving those cars always seem to stop me in parking lots or flag me to the roadside to discuss and get a better look at MY car. I love it of course because while it's nice to know that they are interested in my car, I get to look at theirs as well. I've driven some very nice cars as barter for a drive in mine!


It's actually pretty funny because most of the import owners I talk to when I'm NOT driving my KR, bad mouth American cars in the worst way, always talking about the lack of style, craftsmanship and performance. I guess that some feel the need to justify the ridiculous amount of money they spent, and of course others I'm sure truly do love their cars and believe that American autos are crap. I just can't help but feel like most are just buying the status to climb the extra social rung, not their favorite car.


All I know is that those very same people seem to revert to acting like little kids when they see a Shelby. "Wow that's so cool...listen to that sound...how fast is it...can I have a ride?" I guess they all started out as little kids loving good old fashioned American muscle cars and that never really goes away in my opinion, regardless of how much money you earn.

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