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If anyone happens to know of a light bar for a Shelby Dakota that someone is selling please let me know. It is for #364(if you know where that one is, ha ha). Floor mats would be nice too...





I'm also still looking for a Dodge Dakota Shelby light bar. I've tried the local bone yards here in N.C. to search they said they need a RO number of sorts to search for the part.

My name is Leonard Warner any help would be great.

P. S . I've even e-mailed my request across the U.S. to alot of salvage yards...

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You might consider looking for a Shelby parts truck. There are some out there that are in such bad shape it might not be worth restoring or fixing them. If it has all it's Shelby parts, you can get back some of what you paid for it. I hate to see them destroyed but we can't save them all. I have seen a couple run through eBay in the last six months that were less than $1,000 for the truck - both had light bars.


There's also a guy in Tennessee who had at least one. He wanted $1,000 for it. I think it was NOS but I can't be sure. I think he may have more. I'll see if I can find his contact info.


Good luck. Gail

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