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what to use on black trim


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hi guys just waxed my car and in a few spots i got wax on the black trim. what do i use to get it off and what do you guys use on the black trim to make it shine.


I was hoping to get some ideas..... I have the same problem. The vinyl around the windows looks gray.

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Ah yeah the old wax on the plastic trim. Sorry but I don't have any good advice other than to use blue tape to cover the trim before waxing. I have had little success trying to remove it. I use ICE as my plastic detailer. If there is a secret to removing wax stain from plastic I would love to know it.

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use WD 40 and a rag to remove reg wax on black trim then use another clean rag to dry off then use nothing but ICE on your car .the dealer got wax on my gt500 trim when it was new wd40 got it off . ICE is great 428cj



You beat me to it.


I've used WD-40 for years on my Harley. Wax gets on the black wrinkle paint and the only thing I've found to remove it is WD. I spray it on a (red) shop rag unti it is WET, wipe the wax and then use a dry shop rag to 'buff' it dry. Makes the black look just like new again. Plastic or paint, works the same.


And it will NOT hurt your paint, regardless of what anyone tells you.




Phill Pollard

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