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1 out of 2 arrived


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Me and my brother ordered 2 - 2011 Shelby's. He ordered his first and I picked it up for him. It had 13.5 miles on it. He traded a 2010 Shelby with 11,000 miles on it and the differance was $22,000 and some change. Yes he took a bath! It is a great looking car! White with red stripes and the SVT package. I noticed that they added rear headrests because with them up you have limited visibility out the back. No heated seats. Throatier exhaust. Very strange looking tires. They look like they would be dangerious in the rain? Smoother engine. I was suprised that the SVT package wasn't rougher. I think personally that they must have made the non SVT cars softer.? Anyway I got to de-virginize the blower and that is always fun! Stripes are growing on me. Nice solid FAST car. Now the wait is on for mine! denohew

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Told you he took a bath but his trade in was far from perfect. All four rims had severe rash. He can afford it. Now my trade is pristine and I will have to come up with $13,000 to get into my 2011 which is still alot but " you gotta pay to play ". It was fun getting to de-virginize his new one though!! It is a mean car, denohew

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