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Shelby, Mustang & SVT Poker Run Beach Cruise * Raleigh to Kure Beach NC


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Mustang, Shelby & SVT Poke Run * Saturday July 10, 2010


From Raleigh, NC to Wilmington, NC


Any Mustang, Shelby or SVT vehicles are invited to participate.


I’ve checked each clubs calendar and forums; I could not find any events scheduled for this day.



The goal is to raise as much money for a donation to The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina (so the proceeds will help citizens within all of our communities).




1. Buy in $20 per sheet. (see attached pdf for more details).


2. Cards will be drawn from a bag and your sheet will be stamped for the appropriate cards.

a.Three cards at the rest area

b.Two cards at the USS North Carolina

(You may purchase a sixth card for an additional $5)


3. If playing MORE than one hand, the participant must present the appropriate Poker Hand Tally Sheet to be marked BEFORE each card is drawn.


4. In case of a tie, there will be a draw for High Card to determine the winner.


5. All decisions of the judges (ME) are FINAL!


Each Club must provide a volunteer to help me with ‘dealing’ the cards, each volunteer will deal for another club to keep things ‘fair’ (HCMC will provide someone for the non- affiliated group).



Each Club will have one winner (non-affiliated will be their own “group”); there will be one ‘overall winner’. Each club must purchase a minimum of 5 sheets to participate in the club prize, if less than 5 sheets are purchased your club members will be folded into the non-affiliated group.


Club winner - $40

Overall winner - $160

ALL monies collected over and above the maximum payout will be donated to the Food Bank.



Their must be a minimum of 20 sheets sold or the Poker Run part of the event will be canceled; this will then just become a cruise to the Battleship.



08:00am – Gather on the east bound side of I40 @ the rest area just before the I40/I95 interchange (mile marker 324, between exits 319 & 325) GATHER ON THE TRUCK SIDE OF THE REST AREA


08:30am – Drivers meeting, deal first three cards


09:00am – Depart for the USS North Carolina, Wilmington NC


10:30am – Arrive at the USS North Carolina for a photo op, deal next two cards (sixth card optional for purchase), distribute winnings


12:00pm – Depart for Lunch, Smithfields BBQ & Chicken in Warsaw NC (exit 364)


Club Challenge:

This is just for bragging rights to see which local Mustang Club shows up big and rolls in with the most members! Will it be Heart of Carolina? Mustang of Burlington?? Twisted Stallions??? Sandhills???? Or Stangs-R-Us????? Or will it be non-club members?


Additional Info:

If you have them, please bring two-way radios (if you don’t, I highly suggest you get a set). When were caravanning as a group, please have your headlights on at all times.


Here’s a link to the route that we’ll be taking, ROUTE MAP. I suggest everyone should print a copy to bring with them in case we get separated along the way.


This event is not limited to just club members of the clubs listed.


**** Possible rain date; Sunday July 11th, same schedule ****



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Well my wife and I just got back from the beach yesterday, based on that trip the details for this event have changed! I have no idea what the hell I was thinking, doing a beach cruise right in the middle of summer!! :doh:


The beach house we rented was on North Topsail, we took a break from the beach on Wednesday and headed to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fischer with the grandkids. The traffic getting on to Carolina & Kure Beaches was horrendous in the middle of the week, I can't imagine how bad it will be on a Saturday morning with a bunch of Mustangs.


So the new plan will be to just do a Poker Run to the USS North Carolina and lunch at the Smithfields BBQ & Chicken in Warsaw on the way home.


Please see the first post in this thread for new details.

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Glad to hear you and Natalie had a good time.... Yeah, its always a blast going on a cruise with that many stangs. The best part is watching the look on people's faces in the cars that drive along side of the caravan. Stay tuned, there will be a couple of more events before the end of the year.


I wish Kim was feeling better so she could have joined me to get some pic's from the front, a great picture would have been when we were coming off the I140 ramp onto 421, from the lead I could see all the cars snaking down the exit ramp while we were heading under the overpass.

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I just got back from the Food Bank, the $400 raised will cover 1700 meals in our community! The FBCENC is one of the most efficient charities within our state delivering 97 cents of every dollar back to the people its suppose to help.



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