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VMP Pulley Install... Pics

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Tunes Download:


VMP’s emailed tunes were downloaded to my SCT, originally purchased from JLT. Tunes provided were 91, 93, and 100 octane for a JLT CAI and VMP’s 2.65 pulley. Instructions provided on VMP’s website greatly helped facilitating file transfer: http://www.vmptuning.com/store/index.php?p=page&page_id=emailtune'>http://www.vmptuning.com/store/index.php?p=page&page_id=emailtune'>http://www.vmptuning.com/store/index.php?p=page&page_id=emailtune'>http://www.vmptuning.com/store/index.php?p=page&page_id=emailtune



Hub Plug Removal:


The plug is nothing more than a plastic ribbed push pin. I used a puddy knife to lift an edged, then lifted off with plastic panel removal tool... shaped like an awl. Caution was exercised so as to reuse it later.



Belt Removal:


While not necessary, it was found that removing the engine coolant reservoir aided in the belt removal. Hoses were not disconnected, just the two bolts were removed, and then the tank was repositioned. A breaker bar was utilized, however, a ratchet with a 3/8" extension should also work. There was less tension on the belt than anticipated, and the supercharger drive belt was easily removed from the OEM pulley.



Pulley Removal:


Upon reading all available information on various forums I had some reservations, however, following VMP’s site provided instruction, as well as tips from Grabber, Colleton, and others, truly made this process very easy. My recommendation is to purchase a tube of anti-seize lubrication and coat the entire bolt, square bar (threads), set screw, and washers. This technique minimizes friction and reduces stress on the tool, which ultimately simplifies the removal process. Also, I found that threading the carriage bolts all the way through the clamshell, while backing off the "big" bolt, alleviates the need for measuring or guessing that the clamshell is perfectly parallel to the square bar. I never did hear or feel a pop as some have described. The pulley simply moved with each turn of the ratchet (15 minutes): http://www.vmptuning.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1829#post1829



Pulley Installation:


As illuminated above, anti-seize lubrication is helpful. It was reapplied to the “big” bolt, nut, and the flat sides of the bearing. I also applied a small amount of white lithium grease to the hub. I experienced no issues with the threads in the shaft (Some have reported damage to the threads requiring tapping- Ensuring that the threads of the set screw are covered by the small washers during the removal process will secure the integrity of the threads for installation purposes). The set screw easily threaded into the shaft and VMP’s 2.65 pulley easily seated onto the hub with each turn. I had to back the nut off a few times to gauge placement so that the pulley would be flush with the end of the shaft (15 Minutes).



Idler Installation:


As mentioned earlier, repositioning the engine coolant reservoir also aided in this task. The 13mm bolt and OEM pulley was easily removed, and the 90mm idler was easily installed (5 minutes).



Belt and Plug Installation:


Relieved tension on the tensioner with a breaker bar and 3/8" extension, and slipped the belt onto the new pulley. Added some silicon to the plastic push pin and pressed it back into the shaft.





Plug and play





While there was a plastic protective net covering the threads on the “big” bolt, some of the threads were damaged.... possibly from shipping. I simply threaded the bolt into the square bar several times with a ratchet to clean them up... not big deal. Additionally, It took a few weeks to received the items as the black idler was not readily available, also not big deal.





1) Tuning: I have had tunes from BamaChips (various- 93 race was impressive) and Brenspeed (various) on my 4.6, and JLT's 91 on my 5.4. All very good tunes from reputable tuners, but VMP’s 93 tune is something special. There is no throttle lag and the timing feels perfect. You can sense that a great deal of R&D went into VMP’s tune(s).


2) Pulley: Quality piece with an OEM look and feel. It’s hard to measure the performance of the pulley independently as I believe that tuning plays a role as well, however, I can say that this overall mod is simply awesome. My cheeks hurt from smiling. Under hard acceleration the car just pulls, and pulls, and pulls. You can actually feel the rear of the car squatting and the front lifting. Note: The 90mm idler is also a quality part.


3) Pulley Puller: First rate quality tool. I have no experience with other pullers, but I have read horror stories... This kit is full-proof. As mentioned, I had some reservations, but after completing the install it was deemed a piece of cake. The entire project probably took about an hour.


4) Customer Service: Each and every inquiry was responded to quickly. It’s reassuring to know that support is readily available..


Justin, you have a great product. Thank you.











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Nice pics, and congrats on the new pulley.


I already had a VMP tune when I installed the new pulley, and in my experience the pulley made a real difference in performance. It feels like a rocket ship now when I do a WOT pull through 2nd and 3rd.


Thanks. Yeah, boost definitely increased to about 12'ish lbs at WOT...

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Your right about the rear of the car squatting down and it pulling hard when the boost kicks in. Love that feel. :shift:


Congrats on your new mod.



Thanks. I referenced your thread quite a few times... Good job: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php?/topic/43404-stage-ii-vmp-265-pulley-and-90mm-idlerhold-on-baby/page__p__714040__hl__vmp%20pulley__fromsearch__1entry714040



I cant wait to add this mod in the future.


You will not be disappointed...


Did you guys add cooling mods?


Id prob be keeping stock cooling gear at first



No. Cooling... maybe down the road... 3.73s are next...

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Great, so safe to say for street use probably cooling mods are more for racing use


The stock one has been working fine for my type of driving. Down the road I would like to have a better cooling system, but it's not a priority for me at this time.

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Wow old thread, but glad you liked all my stuff. I put a lot of R&D into my tune so it does not loose as much power when the vehicle gets warm.



Not that old... I wish that I would have known that you were releasing a smaller pulley (2.59). If so, then I would have waited a few more months... or not... lol :doh: .

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