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Just installed new tune and pulley VMP


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Just installed new tune, pulley and idler from Justin at VMP and all I can say is WOW what a difference I am always skeptical didn't now if I would be able to tell a difference or not but I could for sure, the boost jumped up to about 12 psi on the 91 tune I also got the 93 and 100 which I will test this weekend as I just got 5 gallons of Torco. The package was well worth the money I would recommend in a heart beat cheap horse power. Justin's pulley puller worked like a charm I found it easier to just remove the 2 screws from the overflow tank and pull it out of the way to get to the belt tentioner and idler. The whole process only took about an hour to read instructions, pull pulley, idler and upload tune. Now I can see a new supercharger in the future

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