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TCUSA at NJMP July 19 &20 , 2010


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Come and join us for 2 days of driving at NJMP


Track Club USA will be going to NJMP on July 19-20, 2010 for two days of on track. We will get to run both courses, the Lightning and the Thunderbolt. This is in conjunction with the "Mustang Challenge" weekend event. That means you get to go see the Mustang Challenge and then get to drive your Mustang on the very same track they will be doing the Challenge Race on.


SCMC/TCUSA on Track at NJMP –July 19-20, 2010

New Jersey Motorsports Park— Millville, NJ

Name _________________________________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________________


Age ________________ Home Phone__________________________Work Phone ___________________________

E-Mail Address _________________________________________SCMC or TCUSA Member # ________________

(Please print clearly as we will contact you concerning future events in your area or other SCMC/TCUSA events.)


Year __________________Make ____________________Model _______________ Color _____________________

Car Number Preferred__________________________2nd choice_______________________3rd choice___________

DRIVER EXPERIENCE (Complete the following so we may assign you to a run group.)

_______ Number of events you have attended at this track?

_______ Number of driving schools you have attended?

_______ Number of open track events you have attended with SCMC/TCUSA?

_______ Would you like a driving school instructor?

The SCMC/TCUSA Track Committee will finalize run group assignments. Driving instructors are mandatory for

Group Green drivers. You cannot solo till the instructor feels you are safe to do so. Instructors are optional for Group


Please mail entry form to: SCMC/TCUSA, C/O Phil Saglimbene , 4 Sally Lane, Plainview, NY , 11803. Please

make check payable to "TCUSA" and send with registration form. You may sign up on line at

www.motorsportreg.com. You may also pay through paypal by sending your registration fee to


If you have any questions about the track, please contact: Pat Madigan at pmad300hp@aol.com at (781) 878-4718

or Phil Saglimbene at philcsag1@aol.com, or call (516) 349-0120

There will be no refunds. If you decide to cancel, you may find a replacement to take your place. Please notify a

TCUSA contact by phone or email of your intentions to cancel and your replacement's information. Please refer to our

"NJ Motorsports Park - Event Packet" for rules and regulations concerning this event. This packet can be

downloaded at our club website – www.trackclubusa.com. Track Club USA, LLC, reserves the right to refuse

any application for any reason.

SIGNED (OWNER/DRIVER______________________________________________________________________

Name (Printed)___________________________________________DATE_________________________________

By signing and submitting this form, I am agreeing to all rules and regulations associated with this event governed by

the SVT Cobra Mustang Club. I understand that I will not hold the SVT Cobra Mustang Club, Track Club USA, LLC,

NJ Motorsports Park or any of its officers and associates responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged merchandise, personal

injury, or vehicle damage.

Please List Performance Modifications:

Rate your performance

driving skill: (circle 1)

Instructor -


Advanced –


Intermediate –


Beginner –


Put an X in all boxes that apply below

Monday and Tuesday $475.00

Monday or Tuesday Only $250.00

Event Shirt (circle size): S M L XL XXL XXXL $20.00

Hyperdrive (One session in your car with an instructor) $60.00

SCMC/TCUSA Member Discount before July 1, 2010 -$50.00

Total Enclosed

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