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First, I want to thank Chuck (1sweetazzgt500) for the high quality Micro Fiber detailing cloth he gave me last week as a gift. It landed in the back seat for for some future detailing use, or so I thought.


We enjoyed a nice dinner with a couple we know. After dinner I took Rick for a Super Car ride because they had asked numerous times for such a pleasure. Rick WAS very impressed.


When we arrived home Michelle his Korean wife was eagerly waiting in my driveway for her turn. She literally did a cartwheel trying to push Rick asside to get in for the next ride.


On the first Expressway onramp I thought I would give Michelle a real GT500 taste. I think I must have hit 170 KPH (100 MPH) three quarters of the way down. Michelle was shrieking the entire way. I slowed after merging to a normal speed because of traffic. Michelle now tells me she just peed her pants. I thought it was just a compliment for that onramp blast. Out of the corner of my eye I catch her looking between her slightly spread legs. I then said cautiously said "did you really" ? She said "yes, I'm so sorry"


All I did was reach back and grab that nice fluffy soft towel that Chuck gave me and said "here sit on this". We soon arrived home and Rick and my wife laughed their asses off over the situation. New shorts were offered by my wife.


Thanks Chuck, your gift came in handy. LOL


Be care guys when taking newbie girls for such a Super car ride.


It can happen to you!

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