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Town Hall meeting ABC news!


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Well this means alot to me, my state, my city and if you boil it down our whole contry.

ABC news came to Detroit and dicussed some topics that deal with the auto industry.

For the most part it was shocking! The one-hour town hall meeting focused on critical issues facing the American automotive industry including health care and foreign trade practices.


One of the first statements Charles Gibson says is "the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY IS IN THE DNA from people in this (michigan) area."


Its heart wrenching, telling, and troubling!



Does the US need and auto industry?


A big troubling stat is GM is paying insurance for 1 million people and pensions for 400,000! To compare this Walmart is the biggest employer in the world right now and it employs around 320,000!

Check it out and just listen to what these "experts" have to say!


South Korea built and shipped 800,000 vechiles and we shipped only 4000 back! Japan built 1.18 million vechiles here and were not allowed to build there!

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