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whipple monoblade

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Hey i was wondering who was running the whipple monoblade on the SC's. I've been reading that you have to machine the whipple or use spacers, but no one will tell me what needs to be machined or what spacers to buy. Have yall experienced any of these problem??



Are you talking about on the stock SC? The boys over at Whipple wont tell you?

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ok i just e-mailed whipple about the machining. dont know why i didnt got to the source in the first place?? lol

I also e-mailed steigemeier about porting the whipple out alittle bit and doing the machine work.

once i get a reply ill tell yall what ive heard. :)

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ok i got an e-mail back from stiegemeier saying "yes we can adapt the TB and port, polish for 30 RWHP gain, for 695.00 for both" the horse power gain is the port and polish with stock TB not the monoblade. so for you guys thats looking to get alittle more out of the whipple we have found the shop to get it. :)

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