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Stolen - 2003 Mach I Outlaw Drag Car


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Josh Klugger's outlaw drag radial car was stolen in mid-May in Florida.


Please be on the look out for it, or any high-end parts. The car was just repainted a 2010 Mustang dark blue color (looks almost purplish in the sun). It has stainless bullhorn exhaust pipes coming out each fender, 315 drag radials out back, twin parachutes, 25.3 cage, 450" small block Ford Proline Racing engine, Keith Neal powerglide, Fab 9 rear end, twin 91mm Precision turbos, carbon fiber 03 cobra front bumper cover, cowl hood and driveshaft.



If you see it, or notice any high-end parts popping up for sale from an unusual source that's suspicious, please contact local police and let me know so I can notify my friend who knows the owner!







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APB Sent out to all my drag race buddies and area mustang clubs, in CA, AZ, NV, NM.

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APB Sent out to all my drag race buddies and area mustang clubs, in CA, AZ, NV, NM.



Thanks, I appreciate it. I have also posted this around the TX clubs and my friend has posted it on all the Mach I forums and Explorer Forum (has one of those as well).


Here's a link to the newspaper article:



Got more info on the car::

Car is still missing:


2003 Mach 1 Mustang race car STOLEN on 5/15/2010


Please help me by forwarding this to everyone you know. This $300,000 race car has still not been found! Josh Klugger's Outlaw Drag Radial Mustang was stolen from a self-storage facility in Ocala, FL on the weekend of 5/15/10. The car was last raced at South Georgia Motorsport Park at the Boost vs No Boost race in Valdosta, GA about 2 weeks earlier. It runs 4.60's @ 168 in the 1/8 mile. The car was stolen from an enclosed trailer in a self-storage facility in Ocala, FL along with an open trailer from someone else. If you see any parts to this car, any body panels that look like they may have come off it, any suspicious people that suddenly have a Mustang racecar hidden under a cover somewhere, whatever, please let me know. You can email me at pontisteve@earthlink.net or call Josh Klugger at 352-266-9165.


Pictures can be seen at http://www.stolenmustang.com.


The car is so custom, that many parts on the car are unique to the type of racing we do, where the motors make well over 2,000 horsepower. The car was just repainted a 2010 Mustang dark blue color. In the sunlight, it can look somewhat purplish. The car was black, and under the hood, the inner fenders and firewall still are black. Here are some unique aspects of the car to be on the look out for:


Carbon fiber 03/04 Cobra front bumper cover

Carbon fiber tall cowl induction hood that fits tight to the windshield

Rollcage is painted a dark gray hammercoat color Hurricane Performance.com windshield sticker New polished stainless "bullhorn" exhaust pipes that come out the bottom of the fenders and point upward like stacks

The car was just painted dark blue/purplish color, but under the hood it's still painted black.


Black Skinny Kid rear wing

Twin Stroud parachutes


MSD/Racepak instrument cluster and Racepak V300 datalogger

Proline Racing 450+" small block Ford motor w/ Blue THunder heads and Fontana aluminum block

Keith Neal powerglide transmission Carbon Fiber driveshaft

Chassisworks "Fab 9" rear end housing made to bolt into Mustangs


Strange Ultra-case 3rd member and Strange axles

Twin precision turbo 91mm turbos

Twin Tial 60mm wastegates

Coan bolt-together torque converter

"Chassisworks Varishock" double-adjustable rear shocks and gold color heavy duty control arms

Holeshot brand wheels with Mickey Thompson 315/60/15 drag radials (rims beadlocked in rear)

Kirkey aluminum racing seat w/ black cover

BigStuff 3 EFI computer

AMS-1000 Boost controller

MSD 7531 ignition box

Dry-sump oil system

D&D K-member

Flaming River manual steering rack (with torn tie rod boots)

Stroud cam-lock black racing harness

Aerospace dual caliper rear disc brakes

25.3 Certified chassis (Dan Neumann Race Cars ID plate in drivers door area of cage)

Waterman belt driven fuel pump

Procharger race Blow-off valve

Proline Racing aluminum intake elbow

Precision Turbo PT3000 air to water intercooler

Intercooler water tank in trunk and engine cooling tank in passenger side seat area

3 gallon fuel cell in trunk

25.3 Certified chassis (Dan Neumann Race Cars ID plate in drivers door area of cage, #00013)


If you even think you see or hear any of these parts for sale, or see the car, please let me know asap at pontisteve@earthlink.net. The dark blue/purple paint is a brand new Mustang color, so it's not popular yet. It looks a lot like Ford's sonic blue color. Please take the time to forward this to as many gearheads as you can!


Call Josh Klugger at 352-266-9165 if you have any info on it's whereabouts.

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