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Ford Racing Superchargers and Calibration Development

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Roger brought up a brilliant point-


Why would Ford invest all this money and time into a platform that would not support all the upgrade money they make from people modding with Ford Racing products? There is only one possible answer, which is they wouldn't....


I think what you have here is a new technology that is not constrained by the old school principles that all these nay sayers are basing their opinion on.

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in other words, i can beat on her at the track and she might just be able to handle it :happy feet:


I want to watch you drive her a full throttle for 4 hours at 12000 feet in 131 degree weather.


I am a huge proponent of FRPP.


My 06 has the 550 hp Whipple on it's stock 3V motor. I have almost 40k miles on the install and as Bash and Terlingua participants will attest, I do not baby my car.


It performs flawlessly with 12.5 lbs of boost on a questionable bottom end. I ran dyno tests when first installed and at 35k miles of use, the results were identical.

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