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I'm in chicago ( oakbrook / westmont area )

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Prob should have posted this BEFORE i got here, but if anybody knows of something cool to do tonight around this area, I'd appreciate some info!




Sorry I missed this! I would have recommended people watching at Redstone or Paradise. Could have met up for a drink too.


Hope you had an interesting evening!

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Already back in Indiana... was there weds and thurs nite.


Hit a cruise nite in Westmont on Cass Ave. and one near hooters in oakbrook (i think)


a few nice cars at both... my orig. cursing was about some guy that had a 79 camaro, which was already hard for me to appreciate, but I do like the almost same body with the split bumpers from '70, and he had a 540 big block and a dyno sheet in the window showing 800ish rwhp and some other mods that made it an interesting car, and his buddy was going on and on about the exhaust sound, so I asked him to fire it up before I left, and all I got was some whining about how the cam is so aggressive it wears stuff out everytime he starts it, yada yada yada.... hence my comments about him needing a new tampon along with some language that apparently was too rough.... but otherwise had a good nite... next time I'll plan ahead a little better though!

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seriously, "tampon" isn't profanity, and it sure as hell doesn't make sense to replace it with lolly pop!



It was the other words that grabbed the attention of a few and while I was on a roll editing your post I went ahead and threw a lolly pop in there. :D

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