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Paxton Move Over

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Well boys it's been awhile since posted.


It all started last year when I went 10.94 on stock bottom end.... well I wanted to go little faster without worring about throwing a rod.


So lets start off with my build by JLP, forged internals, stock compression, CNC heads, over size valves, custom grind cams from Crower, etc. and to top it off with the First 2.8H Mammoth L.C. Built tranny from Hanlon, twin McLeod RXT, 26 input shaft, lets just say it's built for flat shifting.


Tuning will be for 93 octane and a C16 tune.


Will update when build is complete!


Oh yea Paxton # 32 will be put into storage.

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Louie you maniac... That is great! I started down the full re-build route but then decided to start on a new non-SGT project instead (still in work). Hope to get back to the SGT re-build eventually but can only handle one project at a time.


Please post results when you get them... need to be ready for the cool weather runs at Atco in the fall!


Good Luck man... Can't wait to see that beast sceaming down the track.

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