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Engine bay caps

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I recently got a set of caps for the '10 and forgot to picture them and post them. Showed up at the Grabber event and was hit up by A LOT of people about them so here goes. They are Project321 billet alum caps with the carbon fiber inset. I believe you can get them in blue, red and black and I believe they are $680 for the set. There are no "fixes" or "gimmicks" to make them fit. You take off your old set and put on the new set. Everything fits tightly and does not leak or turn/twist or any other poor fit description.


Project321 currently is working the issue on licensing. They were selling the caps to sub vendors and were told to stop by Shelby American until they work out the legal stuff. "They" feel it will be very soon and have new shipments standing by for the finals to be settled from what I understand. It is the company that is not allowed to sell them but, vendors they sold them to can sell them, so until Project321 gets their license, you can find sub vendors and buy from them..... if any have them still.


The set here is a 2010 set and thus fits GREAT and looks even better! :drool:


th_DSC01666.jpg th_DSC01665.jpg th_DSC01667.jpg th_DSC01664.jpg



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