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SAI Members- have any of you tried a product made by Mothers to polish faded/discolored headlight lenses?



Best luck I have ever had is using "Finesse It" micropolish and a sponge buffing wheel. I've been using it on my fox mustang headlights for years...as they just love to turn cloudy and yellow from the Arizona sun.

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I have never used the Mothers headlight restoration kit but last week i used the one made by 3M, it worked awesome. I would recommend you try this and it was only 20 bucks.



I second that...I lived in AZ for years, and all of my cars experienced this from time to time. (Provided I kept the vehicle long enuf)! Lol!!


The Mothers kit is in short, AWESOME! You feel like you are going to ruin the plastic, but when you are done...it's magic! It even gets rid of scratches.

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