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2010 Official Pacific NW Meet & Greet Video

96 Black Pony

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Here in Grabberville I have been working on a video for all you guys that couldn't be here, so you could see how much fun we all had. :work:

For those who don't know me I am Grabber's son, David. Hope you enjoy the show.



Great video David. I give it a 10!!!! Great background music.

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Wow, David, great video! I really enjoyed it. Looks like the wet weather kept the cars of the lawn - too bad! Not much video of the drive, but it looks like you guys went north up toward Cougar like we did at the 1st NWM&G. I sure had a blast at the 1st & 2nd years' events. Sorry I couldn't make the 3rd or 4th years' events.

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excellent work David! you got a little bit of your old man in ya. i can really tell you put alot of effort into this video.


I am trying to put a video together also but i know it will pale in comparison to yours.








Your video captured the moment of the flag draping on Hisssss's hood, the presentation of the memorial gift$ to Barbie, the prayer and the moment of silence and the playing of Taps. Nice job !!!!


Here it is for anyone who missed it. The moment of silence is a long moment (a minute) then Taps starts. We had 2 buglars in the back of the field doing it live.



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