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2011 GT500 blower

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Who makes the SC for the 2011 GT500?


Is it one of those types that compress the air within the SC body before it enters the intake manifold, or the old type that compresses the air basically up against the closed intake valves?


Can't seem to find info anywhere. (Just killing time 'til I get build date and VIN)


Without SVT pkg, I had to forget red stripes on my K-blue GT. Had to settle for white or silver. Couldn't even get stripe delete unless I ordered SVT pkg. Sure seems that the SVT option rules when it comes to color of stripes or stripe delete. Guess that if they (white stripes) bug me I can peel them off. Of course then it won't be original Shelby.

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As soon as you change the oil in it you'll have dumped the "original" Shelby oil. Same with the spark plugs or the tires.


Do what you want with the car. They stripes are nothing more than sticky tape. Of all the mods I've done, my favorite was done with a heat gun and the fingernail on my right index finger.



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