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Ford GT40 Mk IV on loan from Ford Museum


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Hey Everyone,


I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Ford has gratiously loaned their 1967 Ford GT Mk IV to the Permian Basin Patroleum Museum in Midland, TX (Also known as the Chaparral Museum) and will be on display through the end of the summer. If you have an opportunity to drive to Mid-America through Midland, or on the way back, I highly recommend stopping by and seeing this significant and legendary car that made racing history racing some of the most brutal endurance races of the era. This is also the model that Mario Andretti wrecked, and due to the specific changes made to the MK IV, (borrowing some significant improvements from J series chassis) Andretti was able to survive the accident. Can you imagine if we had lost him at that point in his career?


I am including the museum flyer for the car with this post:

Ford MK IV and Chaparral.jpg

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