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Simpson Headquarter's Private Tour


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I am lucky enough to have the Simpson Racing Corprate office and Helmet shop right down the road from me, and needing a new helmet, I dropped by last week to get sized, and ordered one. I got the call to pick up my new Diamondback helmet Wednesday, but couldn't make it by until today. So when I picked up the helmet, I was told the new 2010 SNELL Helmets were back there, and although not released yet, would I like a sneak peek at them? :happy feet:


So I got to see all the new helmets coming out, and they look AWESOME! There are some new design features that will really improve functionality with them, make them seal better around the mask, and a Top Fuel Helmet with aspirator ports that has a double visor and front mask hinge so you dont have to get them helmet over the aspirator...REALLY COOL! The new designs feature cleaner and more pronounced lines, and look really good! Expect to see them hit the shelves sometime in October.


I also got to see where they build the parachute systems and Harnesses...really good operation! If you are ever in New Braunfels, TX, make sure you stop by and look around! Getting to try the helmet on was a great idea as I have a size 7 3/8 hat size, but actually needed a 7 1/2 in the diamondback...good thing I made the trip.


If you do go, make sure and be extra friendly to Kathy at the front desk....she is my cousin, and a real sweetheart! (and she got me a 10% discount) :happy feet: :happy feet:

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When I decided that I wanted to take my car to the track and began researching helmets, I settled on Simpson not only because of their great reputation, but because of their Texas ties. I have been very pleased with my helmet. I even bought my wife one!

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Sorry, Warren. Astrid was logged on. So don't blame her.


Not flaming this subject, but I have the Speedway RX in black because I like the bold design. I had to have it. Very stealthy. But IMO for road racing these helmets are not as comfortable and good as the Arai racing helmets.

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