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Lowering Options

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If I go with the Shelby Eibach Pro Coil Over Kit, 1. How much can I lower the car 2. Do I need to buy anything else to complete the job? 3. Am I going to sacrifice ride comfort? and lastly will I sacrifice tire wear?


I am seriously thinking that lowering is my next project but $$$$$ is a big factor.

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I went with the just Eibach pro springs.... You will need a adj. panhard bar for sure... IMG_0056


Nice look!


Besides the panhard did you require anything else to get a good steer with the drop, and how about the alignment? And finally, how does it feel after the Elbach Pro did you get dampers and anti-sway bar as well.

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I did add the BMR LCA's.. I took it to the alignment shop but they said it was straight... No more wheel hop !... Less nose dive under braking.. Much tighter on the lane change... Feels about the same over bumps and such.. Stock dampers and sway bars..

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