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1985 Shelby Charger Sent To J/Yard By Sheriff's Department

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Had a Northern California junkyard contact us as they just recieved a 1985 Shelby Charger courtesy of the local Sheriff's department. I have no other info other than they describe it as "really clean". They mention that they don't normally have an interest in these cars but because of this cars condition they thought they would reach out to the Dodge Shelby community.


They can not sell the car complete but will sell any parts off of it. They will ship parts.


So if anyone is looking for Shelby Charger parts I've put their contact info below.



John's Used Cars and Wreckers

Eureka, CA

Phone: (707) 443-7065

Toll Free: 1-800-400-7065


Ask for Rick Fox


Just an FYI. We have no connection with this junkyard but for a junkyard to take the time and search us out has even me wondering is this a barn find but instead of a barn it ended up at a junkyard? Somebody might make a great score on parts.

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