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SVT Stripes and wheels


SVT Stripes and wheels  

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  1. 1. Do you like the thin stripes/wheels or would you opt out

    • Love the SVT stripes
    • Hate the SVT stripes
    • Want SVT package with traditional stripes
    • Love the SVT wheels
    • Hate the SVT wheels
    • Want SVT package with stock 19" wheels
    • Want SVT package with stripped shift knob
    • Love the SVT package as offered
    • Did not order SVT package becasue of stripes/wheels
    • Want SVT package w/more stripe color options

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OK guys, I have seen lots of posts critiquing the new SVT stripes and wheels.

Now is your chance to vote! Your vote will be public so we all know who you are. :shades:


Multiple answers allowed; If Ford offered the option on the SVT package would you keep the stripes, wheels and shift knob?


For me I hate the skinny strips and its all about Tradition going back to the '60's. I think the SVT wheels are Hot but I like the stock 19" wheels and striped shift knob. I am happy they are standard on the 2011 Vert.

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Ok this is what I thought when I saw the new wheels in person.


First is a BBS BMW wheel, 2nd is an Enkei wheel.


Yes I did start to lilke the wheels in the pictures on the internet, but seeing them in person....NO. They are just way to busy looking. Actually detract from the lines of the car. However BIG + to the 20" size.


The stripes.....BIG + to the black outline on the Red/white coupe I seen today, just should have done both inner sides as well.

BIG - to the diet Ford put them on.


Rocker stripes do however look better as one solid stripe as opposed to the two stripe look on mine.





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I think you should add " Like the SVT stripes but only with certian color combo's" ie Black and red SVT looks AWESOME but silver and red SVT not so much.


I love everything about the 2011 I ordered and I wouldnt want it any other way.


It isnt like mine is going to be stock looking for very long. In fact I may just wait till its done looks wise before I post pics just because its going to look too boring right off the truck due to the stock color and the haters will make sure to point it out. I'd rather make people regret all the nasty things said about the 2010's and the 2010 hater's.


We all wish in a perfect world we could get any color combo and any wheel choice but its not going to happen because Ford and SVT want these SVT pack cars to stand out from the crowd like they did in the muscle car era and KR, SS, GT350. I'm just glad they let us get SVT stripe delete. Grabber and Black would look sick on a regular GT500 but that's a Super Snake only color combo.

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