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Shelby Performance Chassis/Suspension Parts

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New Shelby Chassis/Suspension


Shelby Performance parts are tested to make certain that they meet our quality standards before we make them available to you. Genuine Shelby parts means that you're getting parts that fit, last and perform. . .and keep your Shelby Mustang "Shelby" original.


Here's some of our new suspension pieces from Shelby. Note that these pictures do not show the Shelby branding, however, these parts will be laser etched or decaled, depending on the part.


Shelby Lower Control Arm


These Shelby American high-performance front lower control arms are 11.2 lbs. lighter than the GT500 factory units making them optimal for street or track usage. Features the "CS" logo laser cut in the arm flange.



Shelby American Caster Camber Plate Kit


These Shelby American camber/caster plates to allow for adjustment of caster/camber for optimum handling characteristics.



Shelby Bumpsteer Tie Rod Adjuster


These replace your factory tie-rod with our high performance bolt in adjusters, which allow you to easily fine tune out bump steer that causes unwanted handling characteristics.



Shelby Sway Bar End Links


Compliment your sway bars with our adjustable front sway bar end links. Unlike the standard, non-adjustable link, our links allow you to accurately position your sway bar for optimum handling characteristics.



Shelby Rear Upper Control Arm Bracket


These mounts help the overall rear axle's stability over the factory pieces by helping to eliminate deflection via more adjustment and less pinion angle change. LINK.


Shelby Adjustable Panhard Bar


If you want the ultimate in performance handling characteristics, Shelby's panhard bars are an excellent addition. They are especially important for lowered or vehicles with wider than factory wheels/tires.



Shelby Tubular K-Member


Our K-member will shave 20lbs. off of your vehicle's front end, which translates into better weight distribution, handling and braking. It also lowers the engine by 1/2" for better super charger to hood clearance.



Shelby Sway Bar Delete Brace


This brace allows for the deletion of your factory sway bar. LINK.


Shelby Front A-Arm Support Brace


This brace ties the front A-arms together with the K-member for additional support and reduced deflection, which translates into better handling performance. LINK.


Shelby Upper Panhard Bar Support Brace


The factory panhard bar brace is made front light-gauge stamped steel. Our high performance, reinforced brace is made from boxed tube, which reduces deflection and increases handling characteristics during cornering.



Shelby Rear Axle Body Flex Brace


This brace was designed to help eliminate torque steer and body roll during hard acceleration, such as drag racing. Our high performance unit includes a competition 1.25" x .250" wall splined anti-roll bar with 1/2" rod-end links. It all connects with prothae bushings and grade-8 hardware, which bolts in using existing swaybar and frame holes.



Shelby Rear Upper Control Arm


Made from 1-5/8" .120 wall DOM tube and MIG welded, our control arms maintain optimum pinion angle, which prevents axle counter-rotation. Includes high-performance polyurethane bushings. Available in adjustable or non-adjustable. LINK.


Shelby Anti-Wheel Hop Rear Control Arm Relocation Brackets


When your serious about minimizing rear axle wheel hop, Shelby has rear control arm relocation brackets to help. Our rear relocation brackets allow you to alter the vehicle's instant center by varying the control arm angles.



More chassis/suspension parts are being added. Click here to see them all.

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