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Willie Meggs needs to GO NOW.

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I am not trying to be Political here.....I am just PISSED at how Willie Meggs screwed up and is now trying to blame the Law instead of himself.




Read this Artical and tell me if I am crazy............. Willie Meggs wants to repeal the "Stand Your Ground Law" over this.




After reading the Artical: I think they went about it all wrong. They stated in the Article that they were members of Rival Gangs and that they had an earlier Shoot Out. Why not Charge the ones who started the first "Shoot Out" with Attempted Murder and then Charge the ones who started the second "Shoot Out" with Attempted Murder. That way they all get to go to jail.


"At a hearing last month, Brown said Taylor and Jackson began shooting first at his Monte Carlo in the early-morning hours of Feb. 17, 2008. The incident followed another shooting minutes earlier between the men, who are affiliated with rival gangs, after an argument at Mount Zion Calypso Cafe."

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