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KR Mufflers with 3.5 " tips?

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Does anyone have a 2010 with FRP KR mufflers? I want to see the 3.5" tips and how they look on the back. PICS?


I like the 4" tips that are standard but love the KR Mufflers sound.




ive seen the pics on this forum--and also comments about the KR sound vs stock---do a search

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Darn it...I really like the KR muffler sound...but geez they look small in the '10's rear valence cut-outs...






I like the look of the 4" out of the back too and have been thinking of getting the KRs. That is the sound I think I want.


Guess the tips can be cut off and weleded onto the KRs. If you look inside the stock mufflers on the 2010 there is another tip inside the 4" tip. I've not measured it but I wonder if it is 3.5", also wonder if it's bright chrome or something else.

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