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Rear Bumper Defect


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Can someone help? My rear bumper has a couple of defects and I'd like to get it replaced under warranty. The problem is that the defects don't show up in any pictures as the black paint just acts as a mirror. It's easy to see in person in the sunlight though. Basically, there is a 3" vertical crease about a foot left of the license plate and two images of a philips head screw right besides the crease. I know, it's bizarre. The paint is not scratched one bit so I'm convinced it's a factory defect with the surface before it was painted.


So far, the local dealer has been good working warranty issues but don't seem too willing to help on this one. I showed it to them when my car had ~27K miles and they did note the mileage at the time. My car is almost at 36K now. :(


Any advice is appreciated.


Thank you !!



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