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Slicks or drag radials for the SGT

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Hi All,


I'm ready to hit the 1/4 mile traps. I ran the car at Tulsa last year at the mid-america shelby meet and spun the tires bad. Still ended up with high 13's. I since have added ther 4;10's and then the whipple 550 back in Janurary. I really need a tire that some of you have used and would recommend verses me buying and hoping it works well. I do not intend to thry and leave the line at 5000 on slicks and break something. I hope to find a tire that grabs good and that I can pretty much contol the traction via air pressure and launch methods with out breaking parts.


Any experince and input would be greatly appreciated.



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My concern is that too much "hook" on a stock SGT can take it's toll on other drivetrain components.


A stock SGT has an 8.8" "live axle" rear end with 28 spline axles, as well as a Tremec TR 3650 tranny with a 10 spline input shaft. These components are not as durable of assemblies as we believe, and not designed to withstand hard launches and power/speed shifting. Even Shelby (in an add-on instruction sheet included with every build) discourages such behavior. Thus...If you hit it too hard, something else will break and you will not have/get any warranty protection.


I suggest you explore the drag radial market first (for the spin they offer), and if (and when) you ae not satisfied with your results, consider a full slick (at your own risk).


There is a lot of room in the rear wheel wells and LuLu wears 305/35-18 Nitto drag radials on 10.5" wide wheels. She does rather well on this combo.


Keep us posted?

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Any one have any idea how well a 305/45R-18 Nitto NT05R drag radial on a 18X10 GT4 wheel will fit? :headscratch:

I have the rear centered with an adjustable pan hard bar already, and I really like that wheel and have heard good things about the tire.



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I use Mickey Thompson ET Street Drag Radials 265/40/R18's on a 18x9 Razor and get a 1.75-1.85 60ft. time. My SGT is an automatic and doesnt HIT as hard as a stick but they do work well. I think as far as slip is concerned Nitto 555R's have the most slip (least traction) out of all the tires Ive used. I have used Hoosiers, M+H, BFG, Nitto, and MT's. Havent tried Toyos Yet. Anything is better than a regular street tire though.



This picture is on a 1.85 60ft.




My best ET and 60ft. before the 550HP upgrade. Left lane is my car.





Good luck.

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