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Anyone intrested in a 89 Dodge Shelby Lancer


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Krystal and I were headed to her moms yesterday (Reno area) when I spotted a Shelby lancer in front of me, I saw him pull into a gas station so I pulled in behind him just to chat, I asked him if he had any intrest in selling it, and he replyed yea actually I have been thinking about selling it. He was just a young kid (probably 19-20) His eyes lite up when I steped out of my truck wearing a TS shirt. to take a look at it....the car is straigh on all four corners but could use a paint job. The interior is in good condition with all leather but not original. The motor is original equipment with a rebuild he said that he paid $2000 fo it before rebuilding it and wasnt sure how much he needed to get for it, but if anyone is intrested I do have contact info for him.... Just PM me and I will get back with you, Ken

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