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Spec SS Clutch install issue

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I have two issues I am trying to sort out with the Spec SS clutch install. Everything has been going great and I have about 1000 miles on the install now. Ninety percent of the time the car drives great, and clutch engagement is perfect. However, I still run into the occasional two issues.


1) When letting the pedal out, it will sometimes "hiccup" right before I reach the top. Engagement still seems to be fine, but the pedal will hiccup or jump for just a second.


2) First will stick every once in a while, I will notice it in stop and go traffic, or usually when sliding into my garage when coming home.


I have checked the shifter for binding and everything looks clear. I have bled the clutch at least 15 times. I am out of ideas on this one. Could it be an issue with the master cylinder or stubborn air bubble? I don't see any indication of shimming being required with this cars. So other than air or a faulty cylinder I am at a loss. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

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The Spec clutches have had lots of issues apparently on the GT's, using OEM slave cylinders. I'd look into an adjustable slave cylinder from Ram or McLeod.



I haven't heard anything good about the adjustable slaves on the GT500s. Lose lose situation?

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